2.2 Raging Fire

It was finally time for the youngest of Elvira’s children to become a young adult, the family had a small party in the large mansion. Draco had had a privileged yet dark childhood, always in the shadow of his older sister, the heiress Aurora. He had all the material things a child would ever want, still, there was something that had gone wrong with Draco. His father, Christopher, sometimes regretted that he didn’t give the boy enough attention, with Aurora gone evil, he hoped that Draco would grow to be a better sim. Or was it too late? Had their special way of living deprived his child from so much love that he was bound to be a bad sim? Mean-spirited as he was, Draco still hoped deep down inside to become a better sim too, seeing the sorrowful fait of his sister Aurora, he hoped to be less of a complicated and challenging sim. Without being able to admit it to the rest of the family, he actually hoped to be more like the rest of the sims in Sunset Valley, just an average jolly sim. He simply wished to be happy even if that meant that he would be less interesting.

On his birthday, Draco gained the trait of athletic which really changed his outlook on life, he started to think more about his health, what he ate and most importantly about excercise. Elvira wasn’t too fond of this new change in Draco’s life, exercising all the time couldn’t be good, he was even less pale from all the healthy food he ate and all the time he spent out in the sun jogging or performing martial arts. Elvira suspected that her little mean boy had become a simple average jim that cared of the dull and average things in life. She was also concerned of Draco spending so much time with the neighbor Holly Alto, a vegetarian and a good sim, what would Draco and Holly have in common? This didn’t look good.

As a matter of fact, Draco was ready to leave his dark and gloomy childhood behind and start a new and happy life with Holly. Even though his mother opposed he took the first opportunity he had to ask Holly to get engaged. Holly wasn’t getting any younger, and she was so easily impressed by Draco that she accepted. She had always dreamed of getting married and having children and she had grown very fond of Draco. Elvira was outraged when she heard the news, what a disgrace to the Willow name. What was this boy thinking? Christopher tried to calm her down, saying that if she managed to find a more suitable mate, maybe Draco would rethink.

But Draco had it all thought out, although he had become a nicer and better sim, his calculating and manipulative personality enabled him to play his cards correctly to get what he wanted. Holly was a naive and sweet woman who had fallen head over heals in love with him, it wasn’t hard for Draco to convince her to hop into bed with him now that they were engaged. Further, he knew his parents wouldn’t oppose to the marriage if it turned out that Holly got pregnant. All he had to do was play his cards and soon he would be able to cut the umbilical cord and be a free man, making a wonderful and happy life for himself and Holly.

After hearing about Draco’s and Holly’s engagement, Aurora was overwhelmed by rage of the lack of success in her own love life. One afternoon she had just had it and went to the Goth mansion to confront Mortimer about their relationship. She spilled her whole heart out and begged him to tell her why it wasn’t possible for them to get engaged and live happily as any other sim. Mortimer really didn’t have anything substantial to say to his defence, but Aurora’s reaction scared him to death. What was she capable of doing? To say the least, the whole ordeal didn’t help the situation. He told her that he loved her, but that things just were too complicated, he couldn’t leave the Goth mansion and his heritage to go and become a simple mate of her legacy. Aurora was once again heart-broken, she flew from his arms and swore to never see him again in her life.

Since getting mad and angry and making a terrible scene, didn’t help her cause, Aurora decided to forget about Mortimer and try to find love somewhere else. She wasn’t a hopeless case, she was beautiful and came from a respectable home, maybe she wasn’t every mother-in-law’s dream but she had things going for her. Aurora decided to get in touch with her neighbor Malcom, his mother had been one of Elvira’s old friends and they had spent many childhood moments together. They went out on a date and even though he was  a simple sim, he was sweet. At the same time, Aurora didn’t feel that burning heat in her heart as she did with Mortimer.

Seeing how things had turned out between Mortimer and Aurora, even Elvira hoped for Aurora to find another mate, any mate to get married and continue the legacy. In an attempt to support her daughter, Elvira admitted that she had never felt that raging fire of love with Aurora’s father, she married him because he was nice and just a good sim to marry and reproduce with. With time they grew close, their love had started like a kettle of water on a stove, first the water was cold but with time it got hot and started to boil. Maybe one day Aurora would also feel that way towards Malcolm.

Aurora wasn’t convinced, but she feared that she would end up a lonely spinster and that she would disappoint her family in not taking the legacy into the third generation. Did she and Mortimer have a future or should she settle for Malcolm that seemed like a nice guy? Her heart was torn.

Thank you for reading!


~ by Tota on April 23, 2010.

18 Responses to “2.2 Raging Fire”

  1. I still have high hopes for Aurora and Mortimer, I mean, they’re quite the perfect couple when you look at it. I’m excited to see more.

  2. mmm that is a tough decision, but if she loves Morty shes gotta go for it. Never settle!

    Tota, I loved your header idea so much I borrowed it. I hope you don’t mind. ❤

    • No problem Berry, I took it from someone else too 🙂 I think it is a great way or portraying were the story is and all the great leaders of it 😛

  3. Malcom and Aurora don’t seem like a perfect match – I do hope Aurora doesn’t have to settle!

  4. im so happy for draco! Mortimer will come around

  5. It makes me laugh to see an evil sim with a rubber ducky. I hope Aurora finds someone to make her happy.

  6. I’m hoping Mortimer and Aurora work it out too, they are such a well-matched couple!

  7. Draco is really evil looking, but I’m loving the story still. I hope Aurora finds an equally evil sim to marry.

  8. go Aurara and Mortimer! In a way I understand his leaving the Goth mansion problem because, well it’s the Goth mansion! Or does he not want to commit because of Bella Goth, I mean Bachelor.

  9. I just read all the chapters in your legacy and it is great!!! I love the whole gothic idea that you have going on. I hope Aurora finds a mate soon to carry on the legacy. Can you check out my legacy blog?


    Can you link it too? I will do the same! 😀

  10. Great story so far. I’ve bookmarked it and will be returning to read more. Feel free to read my legacy as well.

  11. Hey your legacy is so orginal!! I cant wait to keep reading, 😮 Can u check out my legacy?


  12. poor Aurora

  13. oh no, aurora should just give her and mortimer more time! she must not give up that easily! and mortimer, damn him, i wish he would just open up to her..

    congrats to draco, i think Holly will be a great mother and wife. i still love draco’s looks, the most handsome man in your legacy, no doubt.

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