2.1 Bitter Sweet Love

In spite of Aurora’s evil nature, she was determined to give life a fair chance, she had a mission and that was to reproduce and make the Willow family the greatest legacy ever to sprout from Sunset Valley. To be honest, she hadn’t had a terrible start in life. Bearing in mind that she was unlucky and a loner, things could have gone much worse, there was no point in starting to spread evil around herself without a reason. Her parents had been good parents, well, to the best of their abilities. Elvira had been a good mother in her own perfectionistic and snobbish way and her father, Christopher, he was just a fantastic caring sweetheart, that sacrificed himself for the family.

Convinced by her parents, Aurora pursuited a relationship with Mortimer Goth, they went often out on dates and seemed to have a lot to talk about, but her unflirty nature made it hard for her to assess if the relationship was going well or not. She did all in her power to make herself more attractive to others by purchasing life time rewards such as “Never Dull”, “Attractive” and “Eye Candy”, everything to overweight her unflirty disposition. In order to make sure that things were going in the right direction with Mortimer, she decided to get him in bed and see if he would agree to woohoo with her. Aurora was a determined young woman and was convinced that once they woohoo’d there was no turning back. It was the ultimate proof of love, at least after marriage.

It wasn’t terribly hard to persuade the dull Mortimer Goth into bed, even for an unflirty sim like Aurora. She was convinced she now had him where she wanted and it was just a matter of time before the relationship was good enough for her to ask him to marry. But to Aurora’s despair the opportunity to ask him to be a couple never showed up in their interaction and Mortimer’s grumpy temper made it hard for Aurora to read him. At one moment they were all happy and cuddling in bed and the next he seemed upset and rejected her kisses.

Aurora was devastated, she had done everything by the book, she had all the best life time rewards and she looked faboulosly amazing, but still she lacked something, something so simple and basic that all other sims took for granted. At home she poured out the afflictions of her broken heart at the dinner table. Christopher tried to calm her down.

“My poor doll,” he said. “Do not give up so easily. Love is a complicated matter. Do you think that my pursuit for your mother was a simple thing? We dated for a long time before I even dared to ask her to be my fiancée.”

“But what if I never get the chance to marry,” Aurora sobbed. “What if I end up all alone, an unflirty and lonely loner, that is what I am!”

“You have to be patient, my child. I’m sure Mortimer will soon enough see that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you”

Aurora wasn’t completely convinced, but she decided not to give up just yet. Draco, that usually took the first oportunity to be mean to anybody available was this one time quiet, he felt truly sorry for his sister. He was also a loner and when he heard the heart breaking story of Aurora and Mortimer he began to grow weary for himself. Was he ever to find love? Or would he be rejected for being too mean and be left to live his life all alone? Maybe it was time for him to also think about his future.

In all the drama of the heart broken Aurora, Elvira woke up one morning and realized she had become an elder. Life flew by so quickly, it seemed like only yesterday that she had come to Sunset and thrown a shadow over this Valley. It seemed like only yesterday Aurora had been a little toddler and they were living in the garden without a roof. Look at them now, the Willows had a respectable mansion and her two children were all grown up. Her old friends were all gone, Agnes, Nancy and Cornelia had all gone to the other side, and soon it would be her turn. Elvira only hoped that she would live long enough to see Aurora marry that Mortimer Goth, just as she and Cornelia had once planned, many years ago.

Thank you for reading!


~ by Tota on April 22, 2010.

7 Responses to “2.1 Bitter Sweet Love”

  1. once again, I have to compliment you on your writing.
    but darn, that Mortimer has distressed me many, many times like that too.
    to hell with his grumpy nature! off with his head!
    just kidding, I love me some Morty.

  2. Wonderful as usual Tota! Its so sad when the founder grows old. Poor Aurora, I really do hope she finds love.

  3. fantastic update! hang in there Aurora.

  4. from Seaweedy,
    Such a great story. Draco felt empathy, wow!

  5. oh god, the last part was kinda sad. you write it so even i feel nostalgic about the past, and all of Elvira’s friends and her youth. and I love the advices that Chris gives his daughter, when did he get so wise, lol..

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