1.9 The Wicked Path

As a teenager Draco became even more mean-spirited than ever, since he got so little attention from his parents he would spend most of the day away from the mansion hanging around town. He had grown very fond of the neighbor Holly Alto, poor Holly was such a good-hearted sim that she just couldn’t say no to Draco. He on his part took advantage of her kindness and came over almost everyday to play games or just hang out. Secretly he had a crush on her, even though she was much older and he suspected that such a good sim as her would never want him as a boyfriend. He would come up with the most outrageous stories and Holly, that was so naive, believed everything he said. That way he back-talked all the available bachelors and Holly never dared to accept any date invitations from them. Of course, this was all part of Draco’s scheme.

Aurora requested to travel to France all by herself so she would both gain inspiration for her art and to collect more relics. Elvira and Christopher were a bit worried about sending her off on her own but agreed to pay for her tickets and stay with the condition that she would meet Mortimer Goth for a date again once she got back. Of course, Aurora accepted, she had grown a bit fond of Mortimer during the past time and she longed very much to go on a trip. In France she got the chance to meet locals that taught her a lot about life and customs and she got to explore secret tombs where she found many relics to add to her collection. This was her first time on her own and even though she was happy to be away from her family she realized that she didn’t want to grow old alone. Being on your own was nice but in the long run it was a bit lonely, maybe she wanted to get married and have children too.

After returning from her trip to France the relationship between Aurora and Draco grew more awry. Draco was very jealous of all the privileges and attention Aurora got from their parents, he couldn’t wait to move away from home. Aurora on the other hand tried to come closer to her brother, and sometimes they did get along ok, but Draco had been in his sister’s shadow for too long. It seemed it was too late to reconciliate.

Soon enough Draco started to get into trouble with the local police, he would be out way after curfew and sometimes Elvira and Christopher didn’t know where he’d went. They worried sick for him and hoped he wasn’t getting into too much trouble. What they didn’t know was that most of the time he was across the street at the Alto’s house hanging out with Holly. There he felt accepted and understood. Nevertheless the police caught him several times and Elvira was really angry and threaten to disinherit him. Christopher tried the nice way, but none of this would help, it seemed that Draco was bound to go his own way.

For Aurora’s birthday the family decided to throw a great party and invite almost the whole town, it wasn’t everyday that a Willow heiress became a young woman.  To the party came all the great names of Sunset Valley, even Mortimer showed up with a great gift. Aurora took it a bit strong and fainted several times exhausted from all the people, she was too shy and felt uneasy for all the attention.

Fortunately the party was a hit and most people didn’t notice Aurora’s issues. She even managed to blow out the candles while everybody gathered in a circle and sang happy birthday to her.

Aurora grew up into a very special young lady, she gained the evil trait which turned out to be the crown of this wicked sim. Christopher was appalled, his little girl had become evil and he wasn’t able to do anything about it. He decided then and there that he would stay by her side as long as he could to make sure she didn’t bring any great harm to this world. He just hoped he could live for a long time. Elvira wasn’t disappointed, she saw Aurora as a perfect creation by her, at least she didn’t turn out soft and friendly like Christopher. Aurora on her side was delighted now she was strong enough to get what she wanted in life, she was ready to be the heiress, she knew that now!

Thank you for reading!


~ by Tota on April 17, 2010.

12 Responses to “1.9 The Wicked Path”

  1. Oh Oh!! Looks like Aurora and Draco are ready ro cause some trouble around town!! Nice Update though!!

  2. Awesome update! Can’t wait to see what Aurora does next!

  3. From Seaweedy:
    I really love your story, I am particularly fond of Evil Sims and your characters are great.

  4. Oh Boy. She looks like trouble. I can’t wait to see what happens when she takes over.

  5. haha awesome loving all the formal dresses in this legacy and Aurora of course she is brilliant. Can’t wait for more 🙂

  6. Evil?! That’s so perfect! Aurora’s going to have a lot of fun 🙂

  7. Oh! Oh! Oh! She’s so perfect! Looks like gen 2 will be just as exciting as gen 1!

  8. lookout sunset valley! aurora looks great!

  9. Hey this whole legacy is so original, and i really love all of your sims, they’re really unique!! Can you please check out my legacy at http://xcin100x.wordpress.com/ If you’d like u can add me to your blogroll 🙂 thx

  10. Hehe, she is a great heiress, not the easiest one to play, but sure she is fun 😀

  11. The evil trait will be interesting to play out

  12. oh, aurora has changed beyond recognition! and i forgot to mention earlier, that i love your house, and all the dresses and clothes your sims are wearing!

    hm, draco and aurora’s sibling relationship is crushed. too bad, but i think it’s classy, some rivalry in a gothic legacy.

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