1.8 A Match Made In Hell

Elvira made arrangements with Cornelia Goth to have Aurora come over for dinner one evening. The two mothers hoped for a match between Aurora and Mortimer, and this way unite the two great Gothic families of Sunset Valley. Aurora was reluctant, her shy, unlucky and unflirty demeanor made her stomach revolt at the thought of having a formal dinner at the Goth mansion. After a long persuasion of both her mother and father she went to the Goth’s, the mansion was a dark and gloomy castle that had seen better days, at least this made Aurora feel more at home. During dinner it was Cornelia that did most of the talking, interrogating the shy Aurora about her hobbies and virtues and bragging about Mortimer’s. Mortimer and Aurora sat both very quiet on either side of the table, picking their food and barely looking at each other. After dinner they were sent to the library so that Mortimer could show Aurora his collection of antique books. Cornelia used this as an excuse to leave the two alone, but it was obvious she was listening to their conversation through the open door. Or rather, she didn’t hear a thing since the two youngsters barely exchanged a word with each other. Soon Mortimer sat with his nose inside a book and Aurora sat quietly beside him.

After Aurora’s visit at the Goth mansion the telephones ran warm between the two households. Elvira wanted to hear from Cornelia what had happened, since Aurora only muttered that dinner had been ok as soon as she returned. Cornelia couldn’t say for sure if things had gone well or bad. Had the young couple gained any liking for each other? Was the unflirty and shy Aurora and the grumpy and bookworm Mortimer a hopeless case that would never find each other? The two women couldn’t say, but one thing was sure, they hadn’t given up on them yet. As soon as Elvira put down the receiver she persuaded Christopher to help her in making Aurora and Mortimer a couple. Christopher wasn’t very happy at the thought, but he agreed that his beautiful but gloomy daughter, probably needed all the help in she could get, whether she wanted it or not.

In all the commotion surrounding Aurora and her future as the Willow heir, little Draco had almost been forgotten by the rest of the family. He had grown apart from his sister and would spend his days making mischievous pranks around the neighborhood, all the kids feared him and all the adults looked down at him. However, Christopher and Elvira always denied that their little angel would be capable of doing the things the neighbors accused him of.  Even if he was mean-spirited, it wasn’t Draco’s only trait and deep down inside he only dreamed of spending the day in the park with his family playing catch. But there was no time for that, Aurora had to be married and all focus of the household was put to that.

One evening at dinner Christopher gently brought up the subject of Aurora’s visit at the Goth mansion.

“How did the two of you get along? You and Mortimer?” Christopher asked her with a smile and a wink in his eye. Elvira listened carefully as she realized that any intervention on her part would only make the matter worse.

“Dad!” Aurora exclaimed rolling her eyes, but then she said. “He was nice but even though we are both creative I really don’t want to go on dates, I want to stay home and paint and travel the world to find relics. It’s the only thing I want”

“Well, as an heiress of this legacy you are bound to focus on other things than painting in the future,” Christopher gently explained.

“Besides,” Aurora excused herself. “He is a bit old.”

Elvira would just not give it  a rest, as smoothly as she could she tried to explain to Aurora that it would be beneficial for her painting career if she got married. Specially with Mortimer that had such a good social status and a small fortune, he would bring enough money to the household so that Aurora could spend all her time painting, instead of having to go out and get a job. The only thing Aurora had to do was give birth to a daughter and then she could focus all her time on her painting. Elvira had reached her life time wish without a problem and had two children. Aurora just wouldn’t hear it, she didn’t want to get married to Mortimer nor have a load of babies with him. Elvira had to give in and let the matter be, but what Aurora didn’t tell her mother, was that really she was afraid of being rejected. Who would want a lonely, unlucky and unflirty girl for a wife?

Once again the household was in such turmoil in regards to the events surrounding Aurora’s future marriage that the family forgot Draco’s birthday. He grew up into a teenager alone in the play area while the rest of the family was busy elsewhere. What his future awaited nobody knew, and being only a spare of the Willow legacy really all he needed was to find a nice girl and get married when he was old enough. Draco gained the trait of daredevil, just like his father and was ready to take on the world and make his life an adventure.

Thank you for reading!


~ by Tota on April 10, 2010.

12 Responses to “1.8 A Match Made In Hell”

  1. Aww Poor Aurora. I hope she finds love someday.

  2. poor unlucky Aurora! she gets forced into finding her husband, i hope Mortimer doesn’t reject her.

  3. Poor thing!! She’ll find love one day. I’m sure!!

  4. I just started reading your legacy and I love it! Great post can’t wait to read more. You can read mine at thelegendlegacy.wordpress.com I’m gonna add you to my blog roll:)

  5. this is my first time reading up on your legacy, and I have to say that I think Elvira is beautiful, and thus, a great founder. she has a sense of flawlessness going on, and it’s got me hooked. on top of that, the way you write makes your story a pleasure to read. I’m going to subscribe.

  6. Wow, I love this story! Poor Aurora, I hope Elvira eases off a bit or that she and Mortimer end up being a match for each other. They would make such pretty Gothic babies!

  7. Auora, poor girl she’s got a great personality! She would make an outstanding Rotten ^_^ you are so lucky! I want some bad traits :'< I love how your legacy is going so far good luck!

  8. Poor Aurora! I hope she finds the love of her life, despite her traits!

  9. ohh draco looks like a real goth! hope he will spread some dark genes through town too (;
    poor aurora.. her responsabilities as the heiress are catching up and it seems like the only way to please her mother is to marry mortimer.. who indees is older than her.. hm, wonder how she’ll work it out.

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