1.7 The Curse Of The Mummy

When little Aurora had her birthday, the family got together, as custom required, and celebrated in a small gathering. Elvira had great expectations for her first born daughter and hoped for a grand trait that would bring her forward in life. Unfortunately, Aurora gained the trait of unflirty and for the first time her parents would come to agree that it was bad. A young heiress could not be unflirty, it would make it much harder to find a mate and thus reproduce which was the sole purpose of a legacy. Aurora realized that she had displeased her parents and was about to have a break-down, so Christopher saved the party by granting her a birthday wish, whichever she wanted, to make her feel better. To her parents dismay she wished for the whole family to go on vacations together to Egypt. Aurora had been reading in the family encyclopedia about the curse of the mummy of Egypt and she was most intrigued. Elvira and Christopher looked at each other in fear, but what could they do? A wish was a wish and Christopher had promised to grant it. So off they went.

When Aurora saw the vast and hot desert she was amazed, what a fantastic land. She was so excited, Egypt was more fantastic than she could have imagined. The encyclopedic pictures didn’t do it justice, she thought and went off on her adventures.

Even though Aurora was very happy, the rest of the family was miserable. Little Draco was bored since he wasn’t able to go on any adventures due to his age, so he spent most of his time fishing. The snobbish and perfectionist Elvira looked around the camp and couldn’t believe she had agreed to do this. The whole place looked like a dump, she thought, without comfort, full of bugs and the weather was unbearable.

However, after a couple of days, the family had adjusted to the new situation a bit and could actually enjoy their stay in Egypt. Traveling really put things in a new perspective, sleeping in a tent under the dark blue sky, listening to the bugs and crickets could make even the most cold sim warm at heart. Elvira also realized that they were gaining a large amount of money and relics from their adventures, which would of course come in handy at home. She found also a lot of inspiration for her writing and painting and was already thinking of some new exciting novels to write. The Egyptian literature that she put her hands on was so different and amazing, this inspired her to write things that sims in Sunset Valley were sure to never have read before. And not to mention how she would be able to boast to her friends and neighbors about their travels!

Aurora was determined to find out the secret of the curse of the mummy, so she put all her time to go on adventures. She knew she had little time and that there was a chance she would never see a mummy, but one day, or night (the tomb didn’t let in any sunlight) a mummy appeared when she was exploring. A bit of Aurora wished to be cursed, just to have experienced it, even though she knew the curse was deadly. Unfortunately, when the mummy saw Aurora’s pale face, it mistook her for a ghost and pasted by her without bothering. Aurora was most disappointed, but at least she got to see one, and the excitement of the whole adventure made her decide for a life time wish of having a private museum.

Soon it was time to go home again, and the whole family agreed that the vacation had been a good idea. By this time, everybody had forgotten Aurora’s unfortunate trait and the fact that it might be hard to secure the next generation. They were all very excited about all the relics they had brought home and all the money they had gained from the adventures. Finally they were able to decorate their home in a more Gothic manner, displaying all their treasures from their travels. Elvira couldn’t be any prouder.

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~ by Tota on March 27, 2010.

8 Responses to “1.7 The Curse Of The Mummy”

  1. Great chapter! I just wish we had a close up shot to see Aurora’s lovely pale face! 🙂

  2. good idea to have them go on vacation! wish i had wa. if Aurora is the heir it will be very cool to watch her adventurous travels.

  3. Great reading! Not bad to go on a vacation during the first generation!

  4. I love the imagery of the family all dressed in black in the bright desert!

  5. The titles of your chapters are always so clever! 😉
    I have a new site, and have begun my first of many Sims 3 stories on it. Perhaps you could visit it and give me some feedback?
    The prologue is now posted!
    Also, the first installment will appear tonight!
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    Happy Simming!


  6. They look so out of place, I’m glad they got used to the new setting though. Also glad that Aurora got to see her mummy! 🙂

    I’m with berry, can we see close ups of the kids’ faces? please?

  7. I’m on vacations right now, in Japan, but I will update as soon as I get home and I promise to try to get a head-shot of Aurora in the next chapter 😀

  8. haha, this is just great, aurora is enjoying herself and the rest of the family is being miserable. she has the potential to become a selfish, evil goth, ahah..

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