1.6 The Mean Reality

Christopher couldn’t help he was a happy and friendly sim, he did his best to be a great father and a good husband, really that was the only important thing for him in life. Sure, he had a life time wish of presenting the perfect aquarium, but he would have been as happy without that. Nevertheless, he realized his wife wasn’t going to accept him not being ambitious, so he tried to work on accomplishing his life time wish too. To be honest, what he enjoyed the most was spending time with his children. Little Draco had so much to learn and Christopher loved spending time with him, teaching him all the things in life.

Elvira experienced an increased maturity level the day she turned into an adult. Life passed by so quickly and the situation was that she wasn’t getting any younger, whether she wanted it or not. Without admitting it to anybody, Elvira had a small crisis when realizing that she was an adult and still so far from accomplishing her dreams. Founding the legacy had really taken her best years. From that day onward she decided to start being more self-centered and focusing on her dreams. How Elvira ever could be even more self-centered, only she knew.

Fortunately the kids were old enough to be more independent. Draco grew up into a mean-spirited boy and started to torment all the kids in school that previously had tormented him and his sister. Christopher could only shake his head, his cute and shy boy had grown up into a mean little devil. To celebrate Draco the Willow family had a small party only the four of them, just as tradition was. They sang and cheered, Draco wished something when blowing the candles and then they ate cake together in silence.

By that time Elvira had written many many novels, she had gained good status in the literary society of Sunset Valley and her books where read by everybody. Aurora and Draco, growing up surrounded by books, learned to enjoy reading a lot, specially since they were both loners. Every evening they would sit, each in their own room reading their books, all by themselves.

Fortunately, they were not bookworms and didn’t spend their entire days locked up in their rooms with their nose stuck in a book. Draco loved the outdoors and he liked running around playing tag with his sister or playing with the sprinklers. Aurora and Draco were very close, really they didn’t have many friends in school, but at least they had each other. Even though Draco was mean-spirited and would take the first chance to be mean to anybody, he was very protective of his older sister and the two defended each other at all times.

Now that the children were older and Elvira was so concentrated in her painting and writing, Christopher found himself with an excess of free time. Nobody noticed him at home, they were all either doing their homework, reading or painting. He knew Elvira wanted him to be ambitious and reach his life time wish, so he started to spend a lot of time fishing. To find all those different kinds of fish he had to visit the odder fishing areas and he wasn’t far from having 10 perfect fish of different types. In the cemetery he actually found some peace of mind, it was quiet and secluded and really, he never felt really alone there.

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~ by Tota on March 22, 2010.

9 Responses to “1.6 The Mean Reality”

  1. Aww the kids are so gloomy. Elvira must be so proud 🙂

  2. good stuff Tota! looking foreword to more!

  3. Yay! I love the new editions to the manor!

  4. Wow~ Are you choosing their traits? Or have they really been randomized. If randomized that totally awesome. Haha. Only because they really compliment Elvira and her desire for a gothic and gloomy legacy. :’D I like what I’ve read. And poor Chris, all alone. . . and happy? O: I’m curious to see what’ll happen to him and Elvira, relatioship wise.

    • I know, I can’t believe the luck I’ve had with the traits, they have been randomized. I guess that is when I decided to make a story, when I realized the kids turned out Gothic too 😀 But I will probably not be as lucky in the future with the traits… we will see 🙂

  5. Glad you updated again!
    I like the gothic windows in the dining room! I wish I had those in my house! 😉
    The kids are growing up to look very supernatural-esque!
    Christopher seems to be the perfect stay-at-home dad, so it is too bad ambitious Elvira can’t really appreciate how his parenting allows her to become an illustrious author…Still Elvira is great because she is so very different from all the other founders out there, so kudos for that!

    My first story goes up on my blog this weekend. Visit it at:


    You will notice your Willow Legacy is in my blogroll! 😉

    Happy Simming!

    • Elvira is just that kind of sim that is just to self-absorbed, but I’m sure she deep down inside appreciates Christopher 🙂

      Can’t wait to see what you put up this weekend Aalyah!

  6. The kids are adorable! Would you mind adding my legacy to your links, thelegendlegacy.wordpress.com

  7. loving the legacy, i’m still searching for insperation for my own, and i think i’m getting there. i feel so bad for christopher. teehee

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