1.5 The Tormented Artist

The family life was taking a toll on the extravagant Elvira, sometimes she questioned the whole idea of her being in Sunset Valley founding this legacy. This was not what she had imagined for her adult life. She had come with a dream of changing this sunny and cheerful place into a more dreadful and dark neighborhood, she had known about the sacrifices she had to make, but sometimes she just felt ready to give up. Draco and Aurora where lovely and well on their way of becoming Gothic sims, but whom Elvira had most of her conflicts with was her always happy husband Christopher. She knew she had picked him herself, but he could drive her mad with his cheerful singing in the kitchen, didn’t he see the state of things? They had almost no furniture and all the items around them were just plain mediocre. Of course, she didn’t blame herself, she was perfect, she had the great artistic visions in her head, it was everybody else that was being contra-productive.

Even her best friend Cornelia had become more mediocre now that she was an elder, now that Gunther had passed away she just didn’t make an effort. Elvira wouldn’t dare to mention it since it would bring her friend even more grief, but she could at least make the effort and wear something less colorful, she thought. At least Cornelia was still her grumpy self, she and Elvira would meet and shape their plots for the future of Sunset Valley and their children.

Aurora was doing fine in her development, she was frighteningly clever and would talk like a grown-up, but Elvira wondered if she would grow up to have the skills of marrying and producing children. Being the only girl in her generation, she had to fill the part of becoming the heiress, specially since Elvira wasn’t planning in having more children.

There was no doubt about it, Elvira and Christopher adored their children. Draco was now a toddler and he and his sister would play well together. But to be real honest, Elvira was exhausted, all she wanted was to make some big money to be able to decorate her little manor in a more inspiring way, but having two toddlers was a handful. She would take every moment she had free to write on her novels and would stay late up at night after the children had gone to bed.

Fortunately, Aurora’s birthday came shortly after Draco’s. Since both Aurora and Draco were loner’s nobody was invited to the party, the poor kids would feel uncomfortable as soon as they had a couple of guests. Further more, Elvira couldn’t stand to have the neighbors know about the state of the manor on the inside, all the walls were plain gray and they had nothing to decorate the rooms. At least Christopher baked a small cake for the birthday girl and they celebrated together.

Aurora gained the trait of unlucky on her birthday, Christopher was really worried now that he realized that she would have a hard time in life, soon she would be starting school and being a loner and unlucky was the kind of traits other kids would tease her about. Elvira wasn’t worried, being unlucky would probably make Aurora even more gloomy and somber, maybe she would even develop to become evil, who knew. Her little dark princess was perfect in her eyes. Even so, Elvira put all her concentration into supporting Aurora, she wanted her heiress to be all that she could be.

Even though Aurora was tormented at school from all the sims she had to meet, she did well with her homework and was an excellent honor’s student. On her free time she excelled at painting, Aurora was such a remarkable artist that she already sold her paintings for a good amount of money, which came in handy to the household. It’s not like it was child labor, rather a young genius getting recognition for her talent, of course. She was not as lucky when it came to socializing with other children, she never brought any friends from school and never got invited over. Her parents had to recognize that she was a lonely child, a tormented lonely artist.

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~ by Tota on March 20, 2010.

7 Responses to “1.5 The Tormented Artist”

  1. Great update! I love your photos and Aurora is a dark beauty.

  2. I swear I dreamed this chapter. o__o Dejavu~ On the last photos. Haha. I’m psychic. And this was a great chapter. This would be the first time I’m commenting on any blogs. x3 I’d just thought I’d voice my comments and whatnot on it. And I have to say this is probably one the most well written stories I’ve read in awhile. ;D

    Looking forward to the next chapters!

  3. Aaaaw, Aurora turned into a gorgeous little goth kid! Glad she takes after her mum, that should make the next gen just as fun!

  4. Aurora is very ethereal! Pretty!
    I love that you say Cornelia Goth has let herself go, because in the picture it certainly looks as though she is not trying anymore to upkeep her Goth style!

  5. I’d hate to be an unlucky sim. ūüė¶ but for some reason, i think Aurora will be fine with it!

  6. naw, Elvira is really bothered by the unfurnitured state of her house, understandable. And oh god, what has become of Cornelia!? how traitorous.

    i had to laugh at the birthday parties shortly, the children’s loner traits are blissfully spreading out on every aspect of their lives, ahah..

  7. Elvira just doesn’t seem happy ūüė¶

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