1.4 A New Contender

They had finally made it, Elvira and Christopher had saved enough money to build a modest, grim little manor to live in. Compared to the Landgraab and the Alto residences next door, the manor wasn’t much to boast about and the perfectionist and snob in Elvira was suffering. Although it didn’t keep her from boasting about her possessions to anybody that lent her an ear. Even though there were lots of details that were far from perfect and the interiors left much to ask for, Christopher’s outlook was completely the opposite of Elvira’s, his friendly disposition just made him happy to have a house. Elvira could almost vomit to his constant cheerfulness, but she was glad they at least were able to give the manor some Gothic touches so it would feel mysterious and gloomy. They continued to work very hard, since the bills weren’t paying themselves. For Aurora, the new house was perfect, since she was a loner, she loved being in her room on her own, playing with her toys, without her parents being around all the time. There was something presumptuous about Aurora that made even her parents feel a bit scared, she was extremely clever and they feared she could actually read their minds.

As it turned out, Elvira’s nausea wasn’t entirely the cause of her husband’s constant friendliness and cheerfulness, she was pregnant. When she told Christopher they were both very happy and could set aside their differences. Even though Aurora surely would secure the matrilinear line, it couldn’t hurt to have more options, they thought to each other without daring to say it out loud. Maybe a more outgoing girl would suit better as an heiress and be more capable of bringing the Willow family forward. Of course they never mentioned it to Aurora, even though they believed she was too young to realize what this could mean for her future. Elvira had great plans for the Willow family, Cornelia Goth’s boy, Mortimer Goth would make a perfect spouse to one of her children. Cornelia and Elvira were best friends and they had long spoken about uniting the two Gothic families in marriage.

Elvira and Christopher weren’t bad parents, the social services had never had any complaints, but sometimes parenting could be a bit exhausting. They spent all their time taking care of Aurora, feeding her, socializing, changing her, teaching her all the needed skills so she would do well in life. There was very little time for fulfilling their own dreams, this in spite of the fact that Aurora wasn’t a very demanding toddler, except for the occasional tantrum she was a very independent child.

Aurora was still a toddler when it was time for the new baby to come. Draco was born right there in the living room of the manor, with the rest of the family watching. Apparently little Mortimer Goth would have to marry Aurora, Elvira thought to herself, but that shouldn’t be a problem. As his older sister, Draco was a loner, it seemed like the introverted trait ran in the family. Draco also loved the outdoors, a trait that Christopher was happy about, since he hoped he and his son would enjoy going out fishing in the great outdoors together.

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~ by Tota on March 19, 2010.

10 Responses to “1.4 A New Contender”

  1. Yay – Elvira passed on her skintone again!
    I very much like this Mortimer Goth plan -nods-

    • yes, I love that the kids got the pale-blueish skin, lets hope it keeps up for the following generations 😀

  2. I really liked this update. You have a fun writing style 🙂

  3. Draco! Another great theme-name! Poor Christopher, the name (and skin tone!) seem so out of place now.
    I love the design of the website, btw.
    Are you going to place the heirs next to Elvira’s picture in the banner at the top?

    • Lol, I know, Christopher is an outcast in this family.

      Yes, that is my plan with the banner, I will put them up when they are young adults I think 🙂

  4. The skintone matches the surroundings wonderfully! I like the whole asthetic.

  5. Draco, how I love that name, perfectly gothic. And the marriage plans Elvira and Cornelia have come up with are clever, but I wonder if they will work out, and whether Aurora will refuse to follow her mother’s wish..

  6. Draco love the name and hopefully he will love fishing just like his Dad 🙂

  7. Draco. Reminds me of Harry Potter. Anyway, I love how you’re blogging about your legacy! I always long to start one but in the end I’m just too lazy.

    • Thank you 🙂
      I do really like this legacy, I’ve started many before this that didn’t stick, but I’ve been playing/writing it for quite a while now too 😀

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