1.3 The Dawn Of Darkness

Going into labor the only thing Elvira could think of was that she hoped her child would be perfectly dark and beautiful and not like the usual boring, jolly-go-lucky children of Sunset Valley. To be honest, she expected nothing but perfection of anything she created, but considering that Christopher was the father, she hoped her children didn’t inherit his friendly trait. Well, off she went to the hospital to have her child, in the darkest hour of the night.

That night she had a daughter, little Aurora, that had Elvira’s perfect complexion, Elvira couldn’t be any prouder. She could see already that Aurora was a special child, she was artistic, as her mother, and a loner. Elvira saw her daughter as an introverted prodigy that would achieve great things in life. Christopher, who wasn’t dark enough to appreciate such a combination of traits, hoped that Aurora would still fit well into the community of Sunset Valley and that she wouldn’t be a lonely child.

Since Elvira had a lot to do with her next novel being published soon, Christopher had to put his fishing aside and take care of Aurora full-time. He was completely in love with his daughter and Elvira was happy to see that she had found a good father in Christopher. Of course, being a snob, she took all the credit for herself, she had made a fantastic job marrying such a devoted father, she thought.

Christopher and Elvira realized that Aurora wasn’t going to be a small baby for much longer, they had to work very hard to bring in money so they could build a real house with walls and a roof. Another aspect of the problem was that Elvira was becoming well-known as a writer and it just didn’t look good that they would live with a child under the bare sky if they wanted to gain some social status in town. So for some time Christopher and Elvira worked like they never had done before, they had little time for friends and family, the only thing they did was take care of Aurora or do an activity that would bring in cash for the household.

Unfortunately it was hard for an unemployed sim to bring in the money, gardening, fishing and painting were not the most profitable jobs for a sim, still, Elvira and Christopher believed in fulfilling their dreams. Aurora’s birthday came and they still lived out in open air, but they tried not to get discouraged and celebrated their daughter with a small party.

Christopher was a bit worried about his beloved daughter’s traits that were more on the negative side, still he encouraged her on her artistic path, but would she really have the chance to become a fulfilled sim? And how would she manage when she started school? Elvira and Christopher only hoped she would be accepted by other sims and not teased by them.

So as it turned out, Elvira’s fear of getting a jolly-go-lucky sim of a child didn’t come true. She had a real special little dark and somber girl in her Aurora, just as she had hoped for.

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~ by Tota on March 17, 2010.

11 Responses to “1.3 The Dawn Of Darkness”

  1. Aww, Aurora seems to be Elvira’s dream daughter – I’m happy for her. You must have aged her into a child since you already know her third trait? I’m looking forward to seeing how she’ll handle school and socializing. 🙂

  2. Bah, my fault, such a spoiler, I got confused about when they gain the third trait :S Yes, she is older than a child actually in my game, I like to play a bit in advance to be able to write a better structured story. I’ve removed that part about the third trait, don’t tell anybody yet 😉

    • No problemo, the third trait secret is safe with me! 😀

      I play ahead a bit too, sometimes get better story that way.

  3. Aww Aurora is so cute! Great shots and story telling. 🙂

  4. Aww, Aurora is cute! I love Elvira’s outlook on everything is her doing and she wants everything perfect, its refreshing and takes it all into a new light. Nicely done! Looking forward to more! ^^

  5. Elvira and Aurora-great gothic names!
    Its too bad they are still living without a roof over their heads!
    Aurora got her mother’s skin-tone, which is very cool! How appropriate, Elvira is getting her way!

  6. This is wonderfully gothic! Christopher will have to deal with his daughter’s poetic gloom! Things worked out wonderfully.

  7. i love how you portrait Elvira’s character, you stick to the line of snobbism and darkness. (: Little Aurora, God thanks a daughter, lol she saved the matriarchy.

  8. My legacy founder married Christopher Steel too. 🙂 Great story.

  9. I’m loving this legacy! Wonderful writing!

  10. Aurora is so sweet, she looks so happy 🙂

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