1.2 One Ring To Unite Them

Although Elvira was known to be a very proud sim, while gardening in her beautiful lot one morning she realized that life was just very hard when one was on her own. She had looked for a suitable sim to share her life and produce at least one heiress for her matriarchy, but all the sims in Sunset Valley where just too jolly and happy for her taste. In spite of the fact that she would have preferred a gloomy and dark sim, she had to admit to herself that Christopher Steel had her attention, there was just something about that sim.

Christopher, on his side was extremely fascinated by Elvira, he just adored her and worshiped the ground she walked on. He had never admitted it to anyone, but he was looking for someone who rocked his world, that made every day an adventure, and he thought that the extravagant Elvira was just that kind of sim. The only thing he feared was that she wouldn’t settle for a simple sim like himself.

They went out on several dates and even though Christopher was dying to ask her to marry him, he decided to be patient and let her make the move. Elvira was falling in love with Christopher, but on paper, he was nothing of what she wanted, so she was indecisive, as a perfectionist everything seemed mediocre. But it didn’t take her long to make up her mind, soon she would be an adult and instead of waiting for that, in her own mind, perfect sim, she let herself go and fell totally in love with the friendly Christopher. She asked him to marry and they did, on a sunny day in the park, where they first met.

Christopher didn’t have much of material value to bring to the household, so they were still managing without roof above their heads. At least now they had some decent furniture they could use, and luckily Christopher managed to reel up a laptop from the lake for Elvira to write more of her novels. Christopher’s dream was to present the perfect aquarium so he spent a lot of time fishing at different locations in Sunset Valley to get all the perfect fish he needed.

Of course it was important to get some cash in for the household, but Elvira felt that they had some more important business they needed to attend to. Besides a make-over for Christopher, she wanted to get pregnant soon and make sure she would have at least one girl to bring forward this matriarchy. Christopher was also eager to have a child, even though he was worried that they didn’t have the economical standard to take care of a child. The royalties from Elvira’s novels and the money from the fish that he could sell was not enough to put a roof over their heads. But Elvira was stubborn, she had made up her mind, so they decided to try to have a child as soon as possible.

With the fertility of a regular sim, Elvira got pregnant on the first try. Her life as a pregnant sim didn’t change much, she had no morning sickness, and besides having to wear the hideous mummy-clothes she went about with her regular hobbies. She had started painting to get some extra money now with the baby coming. Elvira hoped the child would be a girl, mostly because then the legacy line would be secured and even though she wouldn’t mind having at least two children, she feared she would have only boys making the legacy die on the first generation. She knew that their money shortage wouldn’t allow them to have many children.

Christopher on the other hand wasn’t worried any longer, when Elvira actually got pregnant he was just happy that he would be a father soon and looked forward to take care of the little child no matter if it was a girl or a boy. His happy disposition just made him believe everything would be alright, no matter how little money they had.


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~ by Tota on March 15, 2010.

8 Responses to “1.2 One Ring To Unite Them”

  1. Great job again, Tota! You make this interesting reading. Will follow this as the story progresses!

  2. Great story so far! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Aww, Christopher is just plain sweet, that his new look doesnt suit the personality. XD
    Another great update on the legacy!

  4. ooo, cool, a ,matriarchy! That is a neat twist.

  5. oh no, you would really have ended the legacy if she only had boys? lol, very stubborn matriarchy, i see.. i like christopher’s new look, now they actually match (:

  6. Elvira and Christopher expecting 🙂 They both seem so excited

  7. Sooo, just started this and I wanted to say HELL YES. I love it. 🙂 I love Gothy, fun stuff like this. Amazing work, I applaud you! It’s going to be a fun read. I still have to work on my own which I have no idea what I will even do with it but I admire your story!

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