1.1 A Shadow Over The Valley

A shadow spread over the sunny hills of Sunset Valley. Elvira Willow was in town and ready to take over. It was the usual story, a lonely sim, starting from scratch in a new town. She picked the lot because of its’ perfect location, nothing that Elvira ever did in her life had the slightest touch of mediocrity, everything she did was always flawless, or at least she thought so herself.

As any other legacy founder, Elvira had nothing but her beautiful, large and empty lot, no food, no friends, no nothing. Since her aspiration in life was to become an illustrious author, she headed straight to the library where she would start accomplishing her dream. Her writing skill was at the very bottom, but at least she would get a couple of simoleons for each chapter she submitted. She opted for the genre of fiction for her novels and was hoping for a quick success.

As a bookworm she really enjoyed the library, there she could also read all the fantastic books written by the great authors of Sunset Valley. She managed to finish her first book, it wasn’t a best seller but at least it wasn’t a flop.

As for any other founder, food and comfort was a luxury. Elvira spent a lot of time in the park, hoping to find an unguarded picnic basket or left overs from a family barbecue, fortunately she also got to socialize with local sims there. At first most sims found her interesting but a bit frightening. Elvira had an air of superiority about her, it might have been her snob trait, but after people got to know her a bit they realized she had that special ability of making other sims feel good about themselves, could it be her smooth way with words and flattery?

Elvira soon realized that she needed to get around and meet some sims, she was in need of some friends, people she could call on lonely afternoons or that would invite her over for dinner. She made sure to know the most influential sims in town. Elvira met Cornelia Goth a sunny day at the community pool, they hit it off directly, goths just need to stick together. Cornelia showed her the do’s and don’ts of Sunset Valley and introduced her to the right people. It turned out that Nancy Landgraab also was a snob and a perfectionist, so they got along very well. Agnes Crumplebottom had that special gloomy aura about her that Elvira liked in a friend.

Although a poor sim, like Elvira, doesn’t necessarily need a lot of comfort in her home, thanks to the showers, toilets and the refrigerator of the gym, there are some things one could indulge oneself with. For Elvira, since she had all that she needed in the library and the gym, there was one thing: a comfortable bed! So there, she spent all of her savings in getting a great bed to lay under the stars of Sunset Valley and dream of a better life.

Don’t get me wrong though, even as snobbish an perfectionist as Elvira could be, she was resourceful and was not bothered by the weird looks she got. Anything that could be of use was probably worth saving. She would collect all the seeds, stones, bugs, butterflies and meteorites she could find. Even though she wasn’t a green-thumb she made sure to plant the seeds in the hopes of selling the fruit.

All the time spent in the library writing her novels had made her forget the main purpose of her being here in Sunset Valley. She needed to find a suitable mate to get this legacy started, she wanted to spread her dark and mysterious genes across town, and she wasn’t getting any younger. She decided to get out in town and find herself a mate. She would have loved to find some other snobbish perfectionist or at least some more complicated sim, but to her misfortune, Sunset Valley seemed to be packed with friendly and happy sims.

One regular day at the park, by the beautiful and colorful flowers, she met Christopher Steel, he was very friendly but there was something exciting about him, something dangerous. Nothing scared him and he was constantly looking for that adrenaline rush. Elvira and Christopher spent all the afternoon talking and hanging out, and by the end of the day she had actually become very fond of him. Back at her place she asked herself if he could be the right sim for her. He seemed so simple and happy, but could this be love?

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~ by Tota on March 14, 2010.

16 Responses to “1.1 A Shadow Over The Valley”

  1. What a great start to a legacy.
    The looks of the blog along with Elvira’s look are gothic indeed. It’s awesome.
    I fear that Christopher Steel isn’t the best match for Elvira…but Sunset Valley is kind of lacking in the snobbish perfectionist male category. Cornelia and Agnes, on the other hand, seem like the perfect best friends for her 🙂

  2. Wow, I love the look of this blog and the picture border at the top. I really enjoyed this first chapter, it was well written (very <3) and I loved the picture placements. Next chapter, onwards!! ^^

  3. Oooh, I really like this legacy!
    I like that it is different than the others, with a unique tone and a complicated founder!
    I will be following. You are added to my blogroll!
    Come check me out at:
    If you like (I have just started the blog, but stories will be up after this weekend!) please add me to your blogroll!
    Thanks, and I am looking forward to Elvira’s exploits (or world conquest, I don’t know!)

    • I’m glad you like it, it really means a lot to know 😀

      I will definitely check out your story 🙂
      Thank you for sharing.

  4. That was wonderful! I think it’s your style of writing. It seems as though you don’t rely heavily on dialouge, which really works. Off to read the next one!

  5. I like the tone and feel in your writing. =)

  6. Oh I love how she looks so dark and kind of grey in comparison to all the green nature and colourful people in town. It really does make her mysterious and dark..

  7. I love how you written your legacy. I’m just starting out on mine and I’m really enjoying yours. (:

  8. Thank you all, I’m so happy for all the positive feedback, I love writing it so it means a lot to know you all like it 😀

  9. Hey Tota I just foudn your legacy and im really enjoying it !! Elvira is such an original sim and i cant wait to read more about her ! Ive added u to my blogroll (if u dont mind of course) Can u add me to yours ? Thanks


  10. Hello, I shared your link in our fb group. Hope it’s okay http://on.fb.me/nnEy7U
    We’re collecting readers and writers together. Do join us if you’d like ^^

  11. Hi

    This was recommend by Seaweedy and I have to say what a great start. So I will be reading more 🙂

  12. This is a really good premise – I can tell this is going to be a great legacy ^^

    By the way, I just HAVE to say I adore your Elvira’s look. So avant garde!

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